[2015] Kaitlyn Nikirk (Spring 01): My Name is Parvana

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[2015] Kaitlyn Nikirk (Spring 01): My Name is Parvana

The Taliban ruled over Afganistan during 1992-2001.Following the dismisal of the Soviet Union. They supported the use of public executions to prove a point. During this time the treatment of women was the worst it has ever been. They were not allowed to work or leave the house without a male escort. Also, if they did leave the house they had to wear a burqa. This covered them from head to toe. Some women were prostitutes and if they were found about the Taliban would publically humilate them. Since they are no longer in rule life for women has improved. Child marriage is harder to do, and it is easier for girls to get a better education.

Life of Women

1839-1919- Angelo Afgan Wars1979-1989-Soviet War1989-1992-Civil War1992-1996-Civil War1996-2001-Civil War2001-Present-War in Afganistan

-85% of women do not recieve an education. Once a women is married they no longer continue their education. Only 40% of children attend elementary school. Some of the girls schools have even been burned to the ground-Most women are married and are having children by the age of 12.These marriages are forced or arranged. There husbands are not their age. Some are as old as 60.



My Name is Parvana


Wars and Conflicts

-Women were treated as slaves in their homes. They lived with their husband's families, which helped the husband to make sure his wife behaved. -A women's voice in a court of law was worth half of what a man's testimony was. Therefore, divorce was very uncommon because women knew they would lose their children.-It is unlawful for another man to see a women's face or body unless she is married to them.


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