My Name Is America: The Journal of Jasper Jonathan Pierce

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My Name Is America: The Journal of Jasper Jonathan Pierce

Summary:Jasper and his brother, Tom, were orphans in England after their mother died from small pox and their father passed away in jail. Jasper and Tom were captured and turned into slaves. They were trying to get on the Mayflower going to "The New World" with their masters, but Jasper was separated from his brother and had to go on the ship alone. Jasper arrived in the "New World" and had to survive the harsh conditions.

Setting:The Mayflower traveled from Plymouth, England to America. The Pilgrims said,"We should call this place "Plymouth" because that's where they came from. Most of the setting was in the forest and land of Massachusettes.

My Name Is AmericaThe Journal 0f Jasper Jonathan PierceAuthor: Ann RinaldiBy Nathan McLendon

Characters:Character #1: Jasper Jonathan PierceCharacter #2: Tom PierceJasper is a boy is an orphan in "The New World" without his parents or brother.Tom is Jasper's younger brother.

Point of View:Jasper is the main character telling the story of the Mayflower voyage.

Conflict:The families that sailed to America faced many challenges when trying to build their homes in "The New World." Jasper and the Pilgrims feared Native Americans, experienced harsh weather, terrible sickness, and wild animals.Resolution:Jasper and many of the Pilgrims were sucessful at landing in "The New World," building homes and towns, as well as learning how to grow crops from the Native Americans.

Research: 1)November 9, 1620 Jasper lands on shore of the "New World."2)December 8, 1620 He saw the first Indian.3)January 16, 1621 Many Pilgrims became ill.4)June 1621 Jasper met his new Native American friend, Chonuck.5)December 9, 1621 Tom arrived on a boat and reunited with his brother, Jasper.

Climax:Jasper was thrilled to see his 12 year old brother arrive on shore from England. They had been separated from one another for over a year.

Theme:Jasper surviving "The New World" without his brother or family.


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