My Math Journey

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My Math Journey

Senior Year "Statistics"


Junior High

Sophomore Year

3rd Grade

Freshman Year

In fifth grade, the students went to separate classes depending on their level, and I was put in the highest math class. I really enjoyed this class because of the teacher, Mrs. Steinmetz. She was very warm, fun, and outgoing, and I enjoyed her more than my own teacher.

In fourth grade, I can remember really enjoying math and feeling confident about it. I would compete with another student in my class to see who could do their multiplication times tables the quickest and turn it in.

My Math Journey

My first memory of math occured in third grade when I started at a new school after my family had just moved. While doing a pretest in math, I couldn't remember how to subtract a number from another number that ended with zeros. That night my mom retaught me and I felt prepared the next day for math.

4th Grade

5th Grade

In junior high, I took the honors math courses and did very well. I felt confident in the subject areas and enjoyed the classes for the most part. During eighth grade, my teacher, Mrs. Kang, was hard to understand however she was a very fun teacher and my classmates and I enjoyed joking around with her.

During ninth grade, I was placed in an honors geometry class and got my first "C" or "D" ever on the first test. I can remember calling up my mom crying at the end of the day after getting the test back and thinking I was going to fail my first class. I ended up getting a "B" both semesters. My teacher that year, Ms. Kliest, did not make much of an impression on me as she seemed depressed and sad most of the time.

My sophomore year of high school, I attempted to get out of my honors algebra 2 class. After failing one of the first tests, I went to my math teacher, Mrs. Torres, with the intent of getting her signature in order to drop me from the class into a non-honors course. She actually told me she was not going to sign me out and felt I would be able to make it successfully through the course. I was overwelmed but extremely grateful for her encouragement and support that I could pass the class. I ended up getting a "B" both semesters with her help! Mrs. Torres is a teacher I look back on and appreciate the challenge she gave me!

During my senior year of high school, I took A.P. statistics with Mrs.Torres. The majority of the time I didn't understand the material very well, however my teacher continued to encourage us in the subject and told us we would be able to pass the test at the end of the year. I ended up getting my only "C" throughout high school in statistics during the second semester. Despite this though, just like Mrs. Torres said, I did pass the A.P. exam at the end of the year somehow and in turn did not have to take any math classes in college until my upper division major courses.

Significant Math Moments


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