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My Manifesto

Lindsay Lowe

THE ELEPHANT AND THE RIDER Emotional Rational Instinctive Holds the Reins Lazy Spins her Wheels Skittish Precarious Control Looking for a Obsesses Quick Payoff Over-Thinker Love Understanding Compassion without motivation Fierce InstinctPassion without motivation

My Manifesto

That's Me!

Spend time on both the balcony and the dance floor.Identify Vital BehaviorsShrink the ChangeFollow ThroughCall Upon the ExpertsBe Stubborn

The How

"...I will make this world of my devising Out of a dream in my lonely mind.I shall find the crystal of peace, – above me Stars I shall find..."~~~Sara Teasdale

I would lke to be a leader in my district and school for the fine and performing arts.What Does That Look Like?Being Present in my School and CommunityTaking on Projects and Responsibilities in my school and districtMaintaining Relationships with my colleagues and administrators

Now What?!

My Inspiration

The What!


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