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My Loci Poster

A locus (plural-loci) is a path which is formed by a point with a path the same distance the whole way around it. An example is a clock hand going round the point in the middle. As the hand moves around the clock face think of the path it follows.

There are many types of loci including:Angle bisectors and Perpendicular bisectors. A perpendicular bisector-Perpendicular meaning at a right andgle to and bisector meaning to cut in half-is a line going straight across a line segment so that it is at equal distances from both ends of the line segment. An angle bisector is a line going straight through the middle of the line so if it was a ninety degree angle it would become two times forty five degrees.

Perpendicular bisector

Angle bisector

LociBy Hannah Mitzi Fielding 7KE;-) :-) ;-p


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