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My Literacy History

My Literacy History created by Michelle McDonough

Here is a map of my journey through life and my ability to use reading, writing, and literacy to make sense of the world around me.

Time Line


In high school I really used my ability to read and reason to help me be successful in my classes. Less time was spent reading for enjoyment rather a more academic vibe began. I used reading to teach myself and perfrom well in the classroom.

High SChool


Proffesional Career


"To help focus and place importance on reading we had a 'reading room and couch'. This allowed you to focus on the reading and understanding."Mother

"As a little girl your favorite book was Sleep Book by Dr. Seuss and several other Dr. Seuss books. Everytime you spend the night you had to read it before bed time."Grandma

I grew up in a two parent home, my father was and is a high school history teacher and my mother is and was a part time nurse. As a child I remember reading everything as fast as possible and trying to be the best reader at school. I remember trying to take the most books home from school as possible (in hopes of winning a reading prize). When I look back I think that I read for the enjoyment of the story line, but did not really analysis or connect the readings to my life.Quotes from my Mother: "We read to you everyday until about the 3rd grade and you always loved reading books" " At the beginning of 1st grade you struggled with reading but by the end of 1st grade and beginning of 2nd you were a great reader. " " You struggled the most with pronounciation, but your early education focused on a 'whole language' approach that focused on sight woard and didn't teach phonics. That changed in about 2nd grade and then you began to study phonic's as well, but I think you had already gotten use to the other method and never really grasped phonics"

In college and graduate school I began to read for a personal understand and not just what the teacher or class expectations were. I used my academic reading to push my indiviudal thoughts, beliefs, and ideas forward. In my college math course I really began to struggle again especially with the reading of such abstract material. Many times I found myself reading the text, notes, and then attending office hours to clear up the confusion. This struggle and perserverance with such abstract reading material really forced me to try a more logical and comprehensive method of reading.

I currently use reading in my adult and everyday lifefor enjoyment. In the summer and on breaks I love to sit, relax, and get wrapped up in a good novel. I findmyself also reading to find current information regarding currentevents, health, entertainment, ect. I do find that I now look and read the majority of my leisure reading on the computer and internet. I rarely buy a newspaper or magazine.

“No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance.”-Confucius

As I have begun my teaching career. I have noticed that a l constantly make connections to my classroom. Whether it is things that I am reading or ideas that I hear about on the television. I am consistently trying to improve my classroom. The majority of my readings in this grad class and throughout this school year have been made to gain insight and tips on how to more effective run my classroom and change my instruction to make the most positive impact possible. Many times I find myself glancing through and skimming websites, articles, papers, websites, etc in hopes of finding that one idea that will help me with my classroom. Everything that I read I look to place an immediate connection/change to my current work life. I do notice a difference between my reading for enjoyment and this 'connection reading' in which I am always looking for new ideas and philosophy. I find myself analyzing and making judgments based on what I read and my prior conceptions.

Currently, when do you see me reading? "Lately all the reading you have been doing is for your grad classes. However in the past we have read novels (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) at the same time. It gave us something to talk about and look forward to as we watch the movie" Tommy (boyfriend)


Shift to Highly Academic and sense of Logical Reasoning


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