My life

by volvic
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My life

My life

Here is Marseille where the statue of "la Bonne mère" overlooks the phocean city. I like this city and I am really keen on going to the Vélodrome to support my favourite football team, The Olympic of Marseille

I love the cinema and I like watching all sorts of films. I like action, science fiction, war films. I like tragic and drama films too. However comedies are my favourite .

Here is an Australian landscape.I would like very much to go there even if I don't like long trips. I am fascinated by this country, its landscapes and wild life. Then, there are beautiful cities particularly Sydney

I have practised English boxing for one year. It's a very physical sport where there is much respect.

I am very sporty. I used to practise a lot of different sports such as football, rugby, mountain biking, tennis ect...But i was often injured .

Diving is my favourite activity. I love discovering submarine fauna and flora

Diving is a real passion. Every year I mostly dive off Ajaccio in Corsica.


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