My Life in Pink and Green

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My Life in Pink and Green

Problem The problem of the story is that lucy's family pharmacy is going to go out of business and lucy, a twelve year old makeup artist is set out to save it.Climax The climax of the book is whenLucy finds the grant and fills it out with the help of her sister. She then tells her family about it and they say it wont work and there is no hope. Yet Lucy trys more.

The story takes place in Connecticut. The protagonist is Lucy a twelve year old girl. The genre of the book is realistic fiction, and it is through the point of view of Lucy.

The theme of the book is that even a kid can make a difference in this world.

“Because this time he's holding my hand and not letting go. And I'm not letting go either.” ― Lisa Greenwald, My Life in Pink & Green

“When you buy a new pair of shoes you can start all fresh again and have confendce on what you are going” ― Lisa Greenwald, My Life in Pink & Green

Lucy's best friend Sunny would describe Lucy as a loyal helpful friend. Lucy gives advice to sunny and offers to do her make-up. Lucy's sister Cluadia would describe her as a determined person. Because she found the grant for the pharmacy and she spent her whole time trying to come up with ways to save the pharmacy.

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My Life in Pink andGreen

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