My life during WWI

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World War I

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My life during WWI

Dear Mom, You all must be wondering why Aiden or I haven’t written in such a long time. I deeply apologize for having kept you waiting but as you may know, it has been extremely busy around here and conditions have been getting worse by the day. All that aside for now though, how is everyone doing? How are Nathan, Alicia and Carter? I read in your previous letter that Nathan has joined the Soldiers of the Soil. How does he like it so far? There’s no doubt it is way better than what goes on here. When I enlisted I didn’t imagine “war” to be like this. I was so happy at the fact that I would be fighting for my mother country that everything else seemed to not have mattered. But I was so wrong. The trenches that we are situated in have gotten very muddy and full of water over the past few days which have caused three of the soldiers to get trench foot. Even the warm socks that you have sent us haven’t been able to keep the filthy, rotten water out of my boots. But please, do keep sending them although it would be better if they were made of a stronger and more durable material. I dream of home a lot. That is whenever I get time to sleep. I dream of Alicia dancing around her room early in the morning making the floorboards creak and causing everyone to wake up. I dream of Carter and his little antics. Most of all I miss you the most Mom. I miss your tenderly cooked dinners and waking up to your cheerfully made breakfasts. Here in the trenches, I wake up to frogs, rats and beetles crawling all over the place. Just yesterday I was cleaning out my gun and a rat almost attacked my face. I stabbed that little sucker. Aiden thought it was quite hilarious although it was anything but. Almost forgot to mention, Blake is returning home, poor kid got his leg blown off. All I’m talking about are the bad parts of being here. When the fighting has stopped for the day we sit around and share joke and stories. We all are like brothers to each other rather than just friends. Hopefully you can make your amazing food for all of us men after the war is over. I’m going have to go now Sergeant Allen can’t seem to let me out his sight. Now I know you must be shedding a few tears by now but don’t be sad mother, we won’t give up as easily and won’t surrender to our enemies. Give mine and Aiden’s love to everyone! We love you Mom. Stay strong for us.Always Yours,Jayden Christopher Brown.

This post is going to be about my life during the First World War. When the war started my brothers were enlisted leaving just my mother, my two brothers and I behind. This is how our life was during those devastating times.

Hi, My Nanme Is Alicia Brown

My Life During WWI

These two soldiers are my older brothers, Jayden and Aiden Brown. In 1914, at the start of World War I my two brothers went to enlist for the war. They were 18 at the time and were very excited to go to war and show their patriotism and loyalty to Britain

Letter from my brother while he was battling for Britain.


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