My Life as a writer

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My Life as a writer

Tell us about the first piece of your own writing you can remember being proud of.The first piece of writing that I remember feeling proud of was a poem that I wrote when I was in the fourth grade; the topic that I chose was love. I was so proud of this poem because my teacher at that time chose two poems to be in the school's "yearbook" and my poem was selected. The on line I remeber from that poem is "Many people wants to be in love, not me, I'd rather kiss a baboon." Relevance to me as a teacher:This reflection, once again, makes me want to make each lesson memorable. I feel that I can achieve just that once I find my students individual strengths and interests and capitalize on them. By doing so, the lesson would be more enjoyable and memorable for most of my students, if not all of them.

High School

My life as a Writer!

How did you learn to write? I vaguely remember learning to write. The one thing that stands out the most is learning to write my name with my mom when I was about 3 years old. She would sit with me and my younger brother and have us trace our names on our personal chalkboards. I also remember the basic tracing letters in preschool. Relevance to me as a teacher:Thinking about this experience, I will begin to research memorable writing activities that my primary students can do to make this learning experience memorable and fun.


Did you enjoy writing when you were a child? Why do you think you did/did not enjoy it?As a child, writing was something that I dreaded. Persuasive papers were the only style of writing that I could tolerate. I believe that this was because I was not really creative. I struggled with finding my own topics and when provided a topic, I had trouble writing about it. Another thing that made writing unenjoyable was the feedback that my teachers provided. They were very vague and filled with the things that I did wrong which made me not want to give my all in my writing pieces. Do you enjoy writing now that you are an adult? Why do you think you do/do not enjoy it?As an adult, unfortunately, I still dislike writing. Due to the discouraging feedback my previous writing instructors gave me, I never became interested in writing. I did enjoy writing more as a young student because we had a lot more freedom. As an adult, I have only been writing in an academic context, with strict guidelines. Relevance to me as a teacher: Having my teachers only respond negatively on my writing pieces made me hate writing and also made me realize that as a teacher, I should provide a positive feedback to every negative one. With this, I feel that it can build a student's confidence and still give them suggestions on what they need to work on.

What is the first text you remember writing?The first text that I remember writing is my name. When my mom began to teach me how to write, the first thing she taught me was my name. I find it funny now because I did not know what the letters meant, it was just something that I knew I had to do because my mom presented it to me. Relevance to me as a teacher:Looking back at this I have noted that I will make sure I explain to my students the importance and significance of the lesson or material they are learning.

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Why can't I think of creative ideas like everyone else?

Is drawing considered writing?

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