My Life as a Jolly Rancher

by Jeep56
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My Life as a Jolly Rancher

Every day as a Jolly Rancher is pretty much the same: boring. Blues, greens, reds, and purples…we all lived together side by side. Day after day, we lay inside our glass bowl dreaming of the world outside the glass—of freedom! But we knew that escape from our glass prison was impossible—it was sealed at the top. The seal could only be opened by a god, and the gods were picky.

The gods seemed to favor the blues and reds while the greens and purples languished in the bowl, always the last to be chosen. As a blue Jolly Rancher, I felt bad for them…well, almost. I knew I would be chosen soon—it was only a matter of time.

One morning I was awakened by the sound of the bowl being opened! The lid was being removed! The gods had returned to choose one from among us! One of us would be carried away to live amongst the gods! I prayed that it would be me!

Then, one of the gods reached down into the bowl, and gently plucked me from the rest! Between his fingers I was carried up, up, up towards the freedom above!“Goodbye, my friends! I go on to a better place!” I called down to the moaning and groaning greens and purples. Suckers.

But once I was outside the bowl, I suddenly realized that something was wrong. Terribly wrong. The god greedily tore away my wrapper…and then held me over her opened mouth! Her mouth gaped wide like a dark, bottomless cave!

I was not being taken to live with the gods at all—I was a living sacrifice! Suddenly, I was plunged into darkness, and an enormous wet tongue slathered me in saliva! GROSS!"AHHHHH! I’M MELTING!” I screamed. I could feel myself dissolving away. I was slowly getting smaller and smaller. Soon there will be nothing left of me, and these greedy gods will continue to feast upon my kind…


By Dan Smith



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