My learning style

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by JackGrieve
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My learning style

My Learning Style

Jack Grieve

A great example of my no.1 preferred style of learning, quite literally; hands on learning.

This Style of learning doesn't really suit me. Just being talked at, getting the information crammed into me isn't a very effective way for me to learn. I just can't take it in, don't understand what's going on, and generally will just trail off and day dream.

This is another great example of how I most effectively learn. It's less 'Hands on' per se, but it's still getting the student (myself) involved in the learning. I get to participate in the work, I can learn from mistakes, and figure it out for myself, while keeping interest and my mind active on the task at hand.

I'll start off with a little about myself, who I am. Graduating in 2012, I took a gap year to work full time, and just sort of have a year's holiday while I thought over what I'd like to study at uni. It was a very tough decision, but decided on being a secondary music and computers teacher; a great way to monetise my 2 biggest passions. Those 2 subjects basically are my hobbies, and take up the majority of my time, and teaching is a highly rewarding career; so it made sense. Highschool was an interesting experience for me. Academically it was rough; I was probably the furthest thing from the biggest fan of it. Although, I have incredibly fond memories of highschool, and most of my cherished memories are there. I feel like the problem I had with it was the learning styles that were forced upon me, not adapted to the way I learn; which is something I hope to change for my future students. My style of learning pedagogy is definitely 'Active Learning'. During those classes where we were just talked at, I would often just wander off, get distracted and lose interest rapidly. When the teacher would set a very hands on activity was when I would really shine. Problem solving, applying the knowledge in real life, or just a one-'on-one' type walk through and application would keep me interested, motivated and just overall enjoy the work I was doing, no matter what subject. The non-active, being talked at for hours on end method, just wasn't for me.


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