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My Journey

The "Murder House" is a very popular tourist site in Los Angeles. Especially since the show American Horror Story Broadcasted. Many Murders have happened there. For Instance, Dr. Montgomery brought his son back to life in the basement of the house (also known as his laboratory) after being dismembered. (Jeff Jenson "The Murder Hhouse Rules") Why i want to visit the Murder House is because there is so much energy from all of the spirits that still lingre to this day. Maybe Ii will even be able to see Dr. Montgomery and his evil creation of a son Thaddeus. Cited:

By: Sadye Vollman

The Titanic Museum is located in Branson MO and is well known for it's amazing Titanic model. I am in love with the story of the Titanic. Ii love hearing all of the stories and hearing how everyone was so clueless about what was happening. That what was known to be unsinkable sank on it's first night. My favorite story is when the old couple named Isidor and Ida spent their last moments hugging each other in their bed as the water level rises. ( Matt Stopera "33 things you didn't know about the movie "Titanic".") There is so much to see in the Titanic model in Branson, Missouri. For instance, you can see the huge grand stiarcase which is completly elegant and beautiful. Then you can also go look around the rooms and see where the passengers stayed before they died. There are even rumors that the ghosts still linger.Cited:

My second stop on my journey is the Murder House. This was the house featured in the show AHS. The gas to get there cost $192.06 for 1,747.2. I spent $15 on Breakfast, $10 on Lunch, and $25 on Dinner. When I was there I stayed at the Rotex Hotel & Condo. That cost $100.

The Missouri State Penitentary is one of the most well known for its violence and brutality. I love old/haunted prisons because they hold so much pain, misery, and hatred. One event that caused a lot of that was the Riot of 1954. Two prisoners faked illness so a guard would investigate them. When the guard arrived he was overpowered and his keys were stolen. (Missouri State Penitentary "Riot of 1954") Soon a large group of inmates went around destroying everything. Personally I think that to be able to experience the troubles and where they had to sleep, eat, and lounge would be amazing. Maybe I will meet one of them and they can show me around.Cited:


MyJourney...Money I had to spend: 1,000Money I spent: $896.67

Murder House


My first stop on my journey is the Missouri State Pennitentary. The gas to get there cost me $4.36 for 59.5 miles. I spent $100 on the Private Ghost Investigation. I spent $10 on Breakfast, I spent $15 for Lunch, and $25 for Dinner. While I was there i stayed at the Baymont Inn & Suites. That cost me $79.

The third and final stop on my trip before heading home is the Titanic Museum in Branson, Missouri. The gas cost $181.5 with a total of 1,650.5 miles. I spent $5 on Breakfast, $10 spent on Lunch, and $30 spent on Dinner. When I was there I stayed at the Fairfield Inn & Suites. That cost $69. Then it would take $25.75 and 234 miles to get home.

Titanic Museum


Missouri State Penitentary


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