My Journey into Teaching

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My Journey into Teaching

In grad school, several professors presented a great example of teaching. Dr. Sissom taught arachnology. Although he is an authority on arachnology, he insisted on acquiring knowledge everyday and kept his low-key lifestyle. He is humble and has a good sense of humor. Dr. Ramsey is my advisor. He presented on how to teach science without any language barrier. He also gave me ideas about the 5E learning module and critical thinking. Both professors influence me what kind of teacher I will be in the future.




High School

I never thought I would be a teacher. In my high school, I tutored an elementary school student in math. This girl was my cousin. As an older role model, I helped her figure out math questions. In the beginning, I had no idea how to “teach.” Instead of showing her the process step by step, I only gave her the formula and solution. Of course, it didn’t work on the first test. My mom, as an elementary school teacher, told me I have to chop a big concept into several small pieces. Thus, it will be easier for my cousin to absorb and understand. I then read questions, explained to her, and made connections between formulas & solutions. My teaching was not professional but it still inspired me when I saw her progress.

Considering my teaching experience in high school, I decided to apply for the tutor position in the community study center when I was a sophomore student. I thought it might be a good part time job because of the high salary. Yeah….I still did not think I would be a teacher. The students came from different grades including high school and elementary school. I did not do a good job in the beginning. Since I did not know how to apply different methods to different levels, the grades of my students were terrible. Again, I called my mom and sought her help. She said, “Baby, you never want me to say hold a bubble in your mouth if you are already a sophomore, right? You have to find a proper way for your students to learn. Only one way does not work forever.” Therefore, I used different methods and diverse content to help my students of all levels. After the semester’s end, one of my students at the tutoring center asked me if I could be his tutor for the next semester. It was a big encouragement and a kind of approval for me. My student’s request let me start to consider being a teacher seriously.

This video inspires me as well:



Grad School

I had an opportunity to be a student teacher in 3rd grade science classroom several years ago. I was a home room teacher and I had an interesting class. There were three students who couldn’t focus their attention on tasks. Two students were talented in math but they hated language arts. Others were restless and even hyperactive. It was my first time as a teacher in America and I had no idea how an elementary school looked like here. It was a huge cultural shock. I had to learn how to manage a class and communicate with parents. The first semester was difficult but I did learn a lot from the field, the real world. This experience is the most important reason of why I went back to school for cert. in science education.

Into the Field

My Journey into Teaching


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