My introduction for exp105

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My introduction for exp105

My Intro

The greatest influence in my life is my childrens, my auntie, and my best friend. My childrens are my influence because when theirs no one to listen to me my childrens are there to here me. My auntie and my best friend give me good advise or what and what not to do. And no matter what I do or say they always are there for me through thick and thin. They want me to do what best for me and want don't want me to give up on my future just because I have childrens they don't want that to be my quit.

I'm from Benton Harbor, MI and that`s where I`m currently located!

My handsome sons

My Best Friend

My Auntie

My motivation for returning to school is so I can get a better education and future for myself and my children.

AA is the degree program, and my professional career that am ultimately seeking is becoming an early childhood education teacher.

The diffences between online learning and traditional classroom is that you get to meet the instrutor and your peers face-to-face but online learning you have to learn in get to know one other from a monitor. I expect that my instrctor and peer be the best instrutor and peer I ever had in this learning enviroment.

Hello, My name is Chaquita Welch



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