[2015] Eli Tennie: My Immigration Story

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[2015] Eli Tennie: My Immigration Story

My Immigration Story.


I came to the US in May 23, 2015. I was 15-years-old. I felt happy about coming to the US, because I want to become educated. In Africa, not everyone can get an education. I arrived in the US by airplane in Chicago.I remember flying in the airplane because it was my first time. When the plane was flying, I was not afraid.

By Eli tennie

I have learned many things since moving to the US. For example, I have learned how to type on a computer. School is easier here because we write at school in Africa, but here, we can use computers. Something else that is different, is in Africa, if you do not have money, you will not go to school. Here, everyone can go to school I plan to go to college to study engineer or architecture.

It was just my sister and I. I remember leaving my stuff at the airport in Chicago because one of my flights changed and left without me. I took another plane from chicago to Cedar Rapids. When I got home, the people from the airport brought my suitcase. Nothing was missing!


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