My Home is my Castle

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Language Arts
Reading Comprehension

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My Home is my Castle

1. Which of the houses in the pictures has:brick walls; a thatched roof; a chimney; a tiled roof; a conical roof?

Task 1

My Home is my Castle

ReadingVocabulary PracticeGrammar in UseListening and Speaking

Red : competitive, romantic, active, excited;Orange: conservative, talkative, adventurous ;Yellow: shy, reliable, cheerful, generous, impatient, creative;Blue: calm, confident, stressed, relaxed, peaceful;Green: relaxed, peaceful, refreshed, depressed;White: cheerful, isolated, withdrawn

Style: traditional,modern,flat,detached,terraced house, cottage, villa, 1/2/3 storey building, castle;Location: village, city, residential area, in the suburbs, on the outskirts, isolated, in the country;Size: small, tiny, spacious, huge, average; Cost: cheap, low-priced, overpriced, expensive, economical; Description: cosy, comfortable, secure, luxurious, well-maintained, fully furnished, airy.

Task 2

Which words best describe Ann's house?



Match the columns

What colour would you paint these rooms? Why?*a dining room*a child's bedroom* a play area* a living room* a classroom

Task 3


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