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My Hobby-Sports

One of the things I like to do in my spare time is to read sports articles about the various sports I like. I don't just read to find the lastest updates on my team but to learn more about the way the game is played. A job within the world of sports would interest me. The picture was taken at the Mariners stadium postgame.

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Ball Hockey

I have loved hockey since I was five years old. Go Canucks Go! I played some ice hockey and am able to skate but what I enjoy more is ball hockey. I have played in the league for 4 years now and last year my team made it to provincials and won some games at the tournament despite being one of the smallest organizations.

I started timekeeping hockey games in November and do it just about every weekend. I really enjoy it because while I'm doing work I get to watch a sport I love and get payed.

at Vancouver Golf Club

I golf during the summers, it is a really relaxing sport and I have a friend with a membership at VGC and I have went with him twice. The course is so beautiful

During middle school my friends and I would play massive games of football at lunch and after school. Though I don't play it frequently I love watching it every Sunday. My favourite team is the New York Giants. I also play the Xbox version of football called Madden 16, I love how much strategy can go into the game.

Adam Fedoruk

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