[2015] Ryan F (Mr. Hernandez): My Heritage

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Social Studies

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[2015] Ryan F (Mr. Hernandez): My Heritage

My Heritage(Immigration)

The story: Grandfather's JourneyGrandfather's Journey is about a boy telling a story of his grandfather's immigration to America from Japan. His grandfather left Japan to see the world. He wore European clothes and travelled around the world on a steamship. When he first saw land, it was the New World. He travelled around America by walking, taking a riverboat and by train. He came across many people of other races along the way. He loved California the most. Then, he returned to Japan to marry his childhood sweetheart. He took her to America where they settled in San Francisco and had a baby girl. As he watched his daughter grow, he began to think of his childhood. He surrounded himself with songbirds but couldn't wait any longer. When his daughter was almost fully grown, he moved back to Japan with his family. He was very happy to be back home. The village was not the place for his daughter because she grew up in San Francisco. They moved to a large city nearby, where his daughter fell in love and had a son. The grandfather told his grandson many stories of California and planned a trip. Then, a war began and bombs fell from the sky and their lives were shattered. When the war ended, there was nothing left of the city or the house. The grandfather never kept another songbird. He longed to see California again but never did. When the grandson grew up, he went to see California for himself and had a daughter of his own. The funny thing was, when he went to one country, he was homesick for the other.

Immigration is when people leave their own country for a new country that they plan to settle in and live permanently. Immigrants leave their native countries for many reasons such as escaping conflict or to make a better life for their families.

I interviewed my grandpa, Pete Larson. His grandfather was also named Peter Larson. Peter Larson came to British Columbia from Sweden on a ship as a sailor. He found work, saved money and in 1902 built a hotel and called it 'Hotel North Vancoouver'. The hotel became a busy social centre of the community with band concerts and politicians gathered there as well. Hotel rates were $2.00 per day and $10.00 per week. My grandpa's father was raised in the hotel. Peter Larson married Gerda and went on to have two sons and two daughters. He later opened the'Canyon View Hotel' in 1909 on the site of the Cleveland Dam. My great-great grandfather was an important pioneer of North Vancouver. Today, Larson Road and Larson Elementary School in North Vancouver are named after him. Peter Larson lived from 1858-1934.

By: Ryan F.

Why Immigrants move to Canada1. People move to Canada because it is a democratic country which has laws that protect our freedom and rights.2. People come to Canada seeking safety and security. Canada has strict gun-control laws and community police to protect its people.3. People leave their countries to escape war and political unrest to find peace and political stability in Canada.4. People come to Canada for educational opportunities. Canada provides free primary and secondary education.5. Canada provides free health care to its citizens.6. People come to Canada for its many job opportunities. Canada has many industries such as natural resources, construction, service industries and high-tech industries.7. Canada is a very multi-cultural country. You can find many diverse cultures in Canada.8. People come to Canada as it has a good climate and a clean environment.9. People come to Canada to find a better quality of life. Canada has one of the highest life expectancy rates.


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