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My goal map

My Goal Map

The Goal:Work in Medical Field

Highschool:Age 14How:Study hard and get good grades;focus on science related classesThe Supports: My Parents and myself (Push yourself)Award:Nothing. Work harder to get what you really want. Fyi this is my mindset "military command"

Omg College: Age (You don't need to know.)How am I going to do this? Sleep well, and start organizing my life so that I'm always on time and ready to learn! Hit the books every night and take notes!My Supporters will of course be my awesome friends and my family!! Oh and my award can be something awesome like a night out with my girls! Maybe I'll redecorate my dorm room!Fyi this is my mindset ''Super Exited Girly Girl''

College: Age 24How: Just keep doing what I'm doing. College is like higschool, but harder. Keep up the good work, me! My supporters are as usual my parents and my best friends. I'm going to go to Hawaii over the summer with friends to celebrate all my hard work!Fyi my mind set "Tired but happy cuz my life is pretty good"

Hospital: Age 32How: Technology advaces every yearalong with the surgeries and how we perform them. I read textbooks all the time. It's like life is all school. My supporters are my husband, my friends, and my parents, and as a reward, my hubby and I are going to Mexico for a week!Fyi my mindset "Middle Aged Married working person"

Hospital: Age 39How: Just keep doing what I'm doing. I should work on handwriting however, it's true that doctors write in chicken scratch. My supporters are my amazing husband, our two kids, my best friends, and the patients I see everyday. My daily reward is being able to help all of these amazing people, and I am so proud of my self for accomplishing what I've done.Fyi this is "Doctor Asha" so please don't take off points for my crappy doctor handqwriting:)


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