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Habitat for Humanity works in partnership with God and people everywhere, from all walks of life, to develop communities with people in need by building and renovating houses so that there are decent houses in decent communities in which every person can experience God’s love and can live and grow into all that God intends.

people and there communitys can help this organization by donating money . by doing this action you would be helping millions of popele get a roof over there heads and would have a better place for there children so that there more secure i there own home.


This organization works around the world they work in africa and the middle east and asia and the pacific and latin america and the carribeanin spanish and also in english.

Some phone numbers that peopel can use to contact the habitat for humainity organization are 1-800-422-4828 for the Administrative Headquarters,1-800-422-4828 for the Operational Headquarters these are only some ways to get in touch with Habitat for humanity you can also use the online page for this organization just type in and lastly to help the organization in france.

How are homeowner families selected?1. Families in need of decent shelter apply to a local HFH affiliate or community group. 2. The affiliate’s family selection committee chooses homeowners based on their level of need, their willingness to partner with HFH and their ability to repay the no-interest loan. 3. Every affiliate follows a non-discriminatory policy of family selection. 4. Neither race nor religion is a factor in choosing homeowner families.

how are homeowners selected?

some houses that Habitat for humanity has maid for the homeless.

These are some pictures of homeless people in france and i would like for you people to help to help organization in france.


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