My Glogster EDU Class

by loryrous
Last updated 5 years ago

Vocational & Technology
Computer Graphics

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My Glogster EDU Class


Glogster EDU!

My Glogster EDU Class :)

Joy of learning




  • loryrous 6 years ago

    loryrous's avatar

    My best students :)

  • sunrise651 6 years ago

    sunrise651's avatar

    So beautiful young faces :) Great teacher and class - best of best!

  • RoxanaElena 6 years ago

    RoxanaElena's avatar

    It's great! We are proud of you teacher,and thank you for all the support ! >:D

  • Madalina 6 years ago

    Madalina's avatar

    Very interesting! I am proud to be part of this team and I learned with my teacher working with this new method.

  • acadikaa 6 years ago

    acadikaa's avatar

    very nice class