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A glog is an online poster. A glog can have text, hyperlinks, images, audio, and video.

Glogster is free and runs in your web browser so there is no software to install.

You can upload your own images and background of choose from Glogster's gallery.

Glogster in Education

Glogster's Magnet Tool makes it easy to add and edit elements

Beacuse Glogster is web-based, a glog can be created and edited on any computer on the Internet.

You are given a URL for your glog after saving. You can also embed a glog as a web widget with the embed code provided.

Caution! Glogster's galleries might contain some inappropriate images. Hopefully the will change very soon.

Teachers can set up their account and associated student accounts at

Learn about Glogster in schools and Glogster basics:

This video from YouTube shows how to add an object and how to make a hyperlink.


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