My German Ethnicity

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My German Ethnicity

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German mentality on raising children is a little different from the American way. Berlin parents push their children to NOT read. In kindergaten the children dont do anything academic but have social time and interact with one another. Throughout the day they are given two resses to play with one another. They believe that grade school is when learning should be implicated. Encouraging their kids to play with fire is another learning teqhnique that is used. They also let the kids go everywhere alone because the rate of abuductions in Germany are close to none. On the first day of first grade they have parties because the parents believe that it is one of the most important times of their childs life. Another tradition is taking their kids out everyday to play no matter what the whether is like so that they can experience the outdoors as much as possible and interact with nature.

The religion of Germany has changed over the last 100 years. Generally speaking the traditional religion of Germans was Catholic. This changed when Martin Luther King introduced the reform of Protesant to Germany and many other places. This affected Germany because after 30 religious battles Germany divided into regions of religion. Catholicism prevailed in southern and western areas while the east areas were mostly protestants.During that time Jews were being victims of religious genocide. Today, most Germans and Jews refer to Christianity as their religion.

Every culture has their different types of recipes that they make. Here are some famous foods that Germans eat. One of the most famous dish is the apfelstrudel or the apple strudel. It is a pastry flavored with cinnamon, sugar, raisins, and breadcrumbs. This dish has been popular since the 18th century being served in warm slices. Another dish is the brezel or soft white pretzels made from flower, water,yeast, and sprinkled salt.They are sold in every bakery on every street and are good snacks for on the go. Another main dish is sauerbraten or sour and pickled roast. It is regaurded as the countryʻs national dish and is mainly made with horse meat.

Ludwig Van Beethoven was a famous german composer who was known as a romantic composer and recognized for his famous symphonies and piano sonatas.Another famous German composer was Johannn Sebastian Bach who was recognized for his counterpoint, harmonic, and motivic organisation.The last famous German composer was Jean Berger who in the 20th century was known for his choral works. He also was a German composer, pianoist, and orchestra director.

There is not a certain way that marriages were approved. There are some traditions such as when the bride was born her family planted several trees and they grew with her and when she was ready for marriage they would cut down the trees and sold it for dowry. A modern tradition includes the family telling their daughter to save up pennies to buy her wedding shoes. The type of rings that Germans give are not diamond but rather a band of gold. The engagement ring is worn on the left and when they are married the wedding ring goes on the right. To get legally married they have to go to the Town Hall to get licensed and then the religious wedding follows with a more grander ceremony. The couples also do poltarbend where they invite family and friends to eat and they smash the dinnerware. They clean up the mess to symbolize that nothing in their house shall break. The night before the wedding the couples friends raid their house and play as many pranks as possible such as block and lock all of the doors and the couples have to work together to get back in to resemble their teamwork. The wedding cup is a double ended cup where the bride and groom can drink at the same time to resemble unity. The last tradition is the sawing of the log which proves that the couple can get through anything together.

Germany is the birthplace of handball. Handball is played with six players fighting over a ball with their hands and trying to score in the opponents goal. Basically itʻs like playing soccer but with your hands. Other sports that Germany participates in is the olympics, association football, ice hockey, motorsport, wintersports, tennis, cycling, chess, golf, boxing, rugby union, and watersports.

How were German marriages approved?

What sports did Germans invent and play?

What is German Religion?

How were German children raised?

What types of food did Germans eat?

What were some names of German composers?

My German EthnicityBy: Aukea Hooper


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