My Five Sences

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My Five Sences

My Five Senses

Eyes for seeing Ears for hearing Nose for smelling Tongue for tasting Fingers for touching

This engaging informational picture book helps readers identify the five senses.Readers will discover how they can use their five senses and they will learn just how our senses teach us about the world around us.

Author/Illustrator: AlikiPublisher: Harper Collins Copyrighted: 2000Genre: Informational text Topics: The five senses

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Our Five Senses

Sometimes we use all of our senses at once and sometimes we only use one sense. Can you guess how many senses you may use when you...

How many senses? with your puppy? ...bounce a ball?

First-Person Accounts

The author writes this story from the perspective of a young boy. This informational picture book feels like a personal tour. The main character offers the reader a unique experience-- one in which the reader feels as though they are discovering their five senses alongside this relatable character. This personal journey is much more than a compilation of information. It's an adventure of self-discovery!


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