My first introduction....revised

by tennismenace
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 My first introduction....revised

Greetings fromCalifornia

My Name is Dennis

Tennis is my game....if your up for the challenge.....glog me and we can see if you can keep up!

I am 54 years young......and I am majoring in Applied Behavioral Science.

after about a ride along the beach?

Fuji is my ride...

Then we can finish off with somefine dining and great music....and a dance or two....

I look forward to meeting all of my classmates and the journey we take together.......

My interest is in counselingand I would like to get a masters in Psychology while I am working in the Applied Behavioral Sciences...

I am a fan of Rafa.....I enjoyhis willingness to fight to the end....and us lefties have to stick to gether.....



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