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by iambrenda
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My First Glog

In America a little over a third of Americans are obese that's around 30% of the American population

My First Glog

Human impact

1) ... The first effect obesity has is heart disease2) ...The second is diabetes3) ...The last one could be high blood pressure

Fourth mistake

Third mistake

First mistake

Second mistake

Some of the effects

By:Brenda lopez

Bio Chem project

Biggest mistakes


In America today two thirds of adults are obese and a third of children. It increases your risk of diseases and health problems such as heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.

The way this problem starts is because people start eating too much junk food

You stop exercising and because of all the calories in the junk food it doesn't know where to go so it stores in as fat.

Dinking soda instead of water is a very, very unintelligent deist ion because the liquid you let in your body is the liquid that travels through all of your body to clean it, if you drink soda I don't think soda cleans your body as we'll as water does


Junk food might have some protein but it's a very little amount it's not enough for all the protein your body needs.


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