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by tianqi17
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My First Glog


1) "The ParticipACTIONReport Card in Physical Activity for Children and Youth is an overall D-" 2) New curriculum requires 30minutes of physical activity everyday. 3) How to integrate physical activity into daily routine?

D- Report Card :(

Get up and exercise!

Get Inspired

The major issue of the 21st Century is that technology is taking over our lives. Everyone is always on their phone or their computer. It's true,  we have all the information we need in the palms of our hands. But if “only 9% of all students are exercising ” then we have a big problem in our hands. I still remember this one family dinner I've had. As usual I was on my phone sitting at the dinner table, but soon enough I realized the table was getting too quiet. So when I looked up, all the adults and children (youngest one was five years old) are heads down staring at their phone. No one was even talking to each other. Apparently, people would much rather talk to a computer screen than actual person sitting next to them. I think it is a phenomenal idea that the new BC curriculum decided to implement a daily 30 minute exercise routine. This will greatly improve the way that teachers view PE classes. Back when I was in elementary school, our weekly activity would be running 10 laps around the gym. Obviously not everyone can run 10 laps. So what do we do? We cheat… One lap counts as two… two laps count as four… We treated PE classes as choirs rather than a time to be having fun and be social. I hope in my future classes, I can make physical activities fun and part of their daily routine.

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