My First Camp

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My First Camp

Today is Thursday and after we had breakfast the first activity we did was Archery and I got a bullseye, after that we did some rock climbing. After that we had lunch at camp for the first time, then we went out to go to bounce (wich was amazing I almost ran up a wall). Then we came back to camp and had free time, next we had dinner and then had a bonfire and we had to give a chocolate to nice person that helped us during camp.

Today is Wednesday and we woke up and had breakfast.We caught a bus to Parliment House in Perth, I learnt that the Lower House was green in colour and the Upper House was red. Not sure why tho. We also met Terry Waldren.We went to Kings Park for lunch, which was fun because of the water spouts and dinosaurs to climb on.After that we went to Sci Tech and I learnt how to make the gun sounds on star wars! Just before we were leaving I bought a mood ring (it changes colour depending on my mood).We went back to Fremantle we then toured the Fremantle Prison and we got to go in a cell for solitary confinement and we learnt that they weren't allowed the number 6 in the prison as it looked like the hanging rope. We went to Miss Ness's cousins Pizza resturaunt which was great because we had all different types of pizza including a nutella pizza the only bad thing was that Blake spilt water on my pants.Then we made our way back to camp and went to bed.

Today is Monday and we arived at school to get ready to depart for Perth at 8:30 and we arrived at Point Peron at 11:30 then we had lunch at camp, then we had some camp activities, wich included going into a big green shed where we did Prusiking and crate tower building after that we had free time, then we watched a movie called 'Holes' then had dinner and went to bed.

Today is Tuesday and we woke up at 6:30 then had breakfast at 8:30 after that we lernt about books with monster cooks in them .Then we watched a movie called "Inside Out", which was about these little people that control our emotions. We went to a park for lunch and had burgers, which were ok. After that, we went to the Maritime museum (which was awesome), there was even a boat that you could hop in and pretend you were a sailor and I bought a teddy bear which I named Jimmy!Later that day we went back to the camp grounds and had dinner after that we had a competition called celebrity heads and Blake won. It was a friendly competition. Then bed, we were all tired.

The purpose of camp is to increse our understanding of a range of concepts and issues that form part of the normal school curriculum.

Today is Friday and we got up and packed all our things up because we were leaving, then we had some breakfast, wich just happend to be pan cakes. After that we left that wonderful camp grounds and went to Armadale Reptile Park, we got told that they had over 500 animals there. We saw some crocodiles, snakes, wombats, lizards, birds, owls, a dog and some dingo's. It was really fun. Next we had lunch at McDonalds, I got a drink, a burger, chips and a Mc Flurry. After that we left Perth and headed towards Narrogin.


My first camp




POINT PERONPoint Peron is a camp school that i stayed at for my year 6 camp.


DAY ONEThe big shed

And i like to say thank you to Mrs Conlon for organizing our amazing camp because none of this would of happend if it wasn't for her.

My favourite thing about camp was going to bounce and running up the walls, it was amazing!

Kings Park

The Mantle

ArmadaleReptile Park

Memorial Park


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