My favourite places in the world

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My favourite places in the world

I never know why this country has an inexplicable attractive to me. Maybe because is a lane where there are a lot of blonde and tall boys with blue eyes, maybe because It’s a cold place or maybe for the landscapes that Norway has. I don’t know, but if someday all my world will breaks, and anything can hold me in anywhere, I will go to live in some place of Norway.


I love the anime series since I was a child, and I always have been absolutely amazed about the Japanese culture. If someday I will go to Japan, I want to stay a few days in the rural part that it is like the old Japan. I’m a fan of the urban civilization and all of his commodities, but the rural japan is fascinating, I want to try to plant rice, to wear a kimono, drink sake and eat a lot of sushi. One of the things that I want to do in Japan is go to an ancient temple and do a picnic under the cherry trees.


I’m a very romantic girl, and I always dreamed about to visit Paris, the city of love, with my boyfriend. I felt in love of this place when I saw the film “Amelie” and the 6th season of “Sex in the City”, well and the “Gilmore’s Girls”. I want to see the Eiffel Tower, visit the Montmartre district and the Saint Martin Canal, go in a sophisticated restaurant and take a coffee in a bohemian coffeshop.


I never have been in this place, but I love it since I seen the film “Under the Tuscan sun”. One of my dreams is to make a tour around the Toscana, drink wine, and take a ride in bicycle by the gorgeous fields that this country has.





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