My Favourite Movie: Kingsman

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My Favourite Movie: Kingsman


Here i leave you a little trailer of my favourite movie so that you could see about that it treats. I hope that you can enjoy it!

This movie is about a veteran English secret agent, must train a young unrefined, but promises to become a competitive player thanks to an ultratraining program, while a global threat emerges from a genius twisted.It had gone out on February 27, 2015 here in Spain

This movie was directed by Matthew Vaugh he was born on March 7th 1971 in London, England but now he is 44 years old.

I like the movie very much. This movie was very interesting and spectacular.The fact is that there have been very exciting and graceful moments. What more I have liked is that during the movie they were saying a few messages that you might recognize yourself. The truth is that I recommend it for these persons that they like very much the movies of action, adventure and comedy


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