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Enrique Bunbury

Enrique Bunbury

He became famous by being the leader of one of the best bands in the history of rock in Spain Heroes del Silencio.

Enrique Bunbury was born on August 11,1967 in Zaragoza is a singer and composer in Spain: making his debut in a high school band called Apocalipsis

The band eventually broke up in 1996 and Bunbury started his solo career in 1997,with an electro-rock album.

He has one of the most recognizable voices and is considered one of the most influential musicians of Latin music,by his wish to always reinvent himself.

He is known for his eccentric personality and has maintained its essence with the passage of time and its powerful lyrics intact.

The public is captivated by the stage presence of Bunbury,which refers to a Jim Morrison with the vocal strength of a true flamenco singer.

His singer solo career unlike Heroes del Silencio has been very different the musical sound,keeping the essence of rock,where his latest work pays homage to Latin Music.

During his solo stage he has had two bands of musicians who have accompanied him on his albums and concerts, which baptize with the names of "Huracan Ambulante" and "Los Santos Inocentes".


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