My Fathers Son

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My Fathers Son

"My Father's Son"

written by: Terri Fields

Kevin stays at diferent houses every weekend since his parents are divorced.When the book started with a "Breaking News" which showed his dad as a murder than the book goes back a few weeks. Kevin likes this girl Emily and does not know wow to talk to her because he is really shy. Kevin and Emily end up hanging out at Cliff's party and they kiss. When Kevin gets home his dad and him play video games. Since Kevin's father is a computer technicion he has a lot of video games and computers. Kevin the next day had to check in at his moms house. So he went back home but forgot is textbook. Kevin just walked into the dads house with out saying anything or making noise. After Kevin got his book he went to say bye and his dad fricked out. His dad covered his computer that Kevin did not know he had which is a little weird since the dad always shows Kevin his new stuff.

Chapter 1 ' 2

Kevin is still at home and not at school. The news has information that the DB25 monster came out of a bathroom window that was a unconscious woman's house. Also that he is has at least 11 victim's. Kevin is going crazy since he is isolated in his house. Jason does not text Kevin yet or even contact him. Kevin goes back to school. The kids that he has know for a long time have been acting weird around him. Emily even changed her Spanish partner. The DNA test still has not come in. Kevin tries to talk to Emily but then a kid say to stay away from girls and then they fight.Kevin goes to the dean and she asks him questions about the fight. Kevin goes home and can not move and gets suspension for 5 days. Kevin calls the law office that is defending Kevin's dad and they do not believe that he is his father's son and that he is a reporter lying to get information on the case.

Kevin goes to the law office the next day to prove that he is the actual son. When Kevin walks in they say that he looks like Greoge Windor and he goes says that he is his son.They believe him now but he has to wait to get in. He finally gets allowed into the office of the lawyer. Kevin lies and says that his dad sent him but the lawyer does not believe him and says if the dad wants to see him he will contact him. Kevin has a theroy that it is like Dreyfus Affair. They convected him of treasonand when the government realized that the facts where flase the government covered it up. Kevin believes this is happening to his father. Kevin's mom works every overtime to get extra money. Kevin is supposed to go back to school but does not go and goes to the law office again. The dad wrote Kevin a letter that says that he does not want Kevin to try and contact him again. The letter says that he will plead guilty but the lawyer they might not actually plead guilty. After he leaves the office Kevin starts crying. He does not know whether or not to tell his mom what he did that day. Jason finally texts Kevin saying that he was sorry about his dad and for ingoring him. Jason does not know what to say because everything he says kevin gets defensive. Jason asks Kevin to play basketball the next game. Kevin asks his mom questions about his dad but his mom changes the subject.

Teachers act differently around Kevin. Kevin plays basketball. Kevin goes to his dads house in his moms car looking for his car but it was not there. The neighbor Mr.Seibert believes that Kevins dad is not a bad guy. Kevin asked Mr.Seibert if anyone comes and thinks that this guy might be the real killer. Jason goes to Emily's party and Kevin was not invited and she said if he came that her parents would call the police. Kevin tries to ask his mom more questions about his dad and she won't answer them. Kevin tries to catch up on the work that he missed but did not understand it. His moms old friend Linda is at the house and he can not stay in his room so he goes for a walk. Kevin starts to talk to this girl Lani about how life is getting hard for Kevin and how she is judged. Kevin tries to get Linda to tell him stuff on his father but scared her. Kevin called Linda to says sorry and asked her to tell him stuff about his father and she said she would do it if he stopped asking his mom about it.

Chapter3 ' 4

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Chapter 5 ' 6

Chapter 7 ' 8

Chapter 9 ' 10

Kevin sees the breaking news about his father.He is so shocked that he can not move. When the mom gets home it takes her a few minutes to see the tv. When the mom sees it she is scared. The mom will not let Kevin go to the jail to see his father and the jail will not give him any information. The father of one of the victims is getting interviewed and says that Kevin's dad should be killed and that he would do it slow and painful.Kevin plays hooky from school because his mom begs him to stay home. Kevin is being destroyed because of his father being convected.


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