My Family

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My Family



Lexi  Another person in my family is named Alexandria. Her nick name is Lexi. She really like to play video games, and talk to her friends, and joke a lot.

My family

Jeff -Jeff he is my step dad. Who is also a car racer that is really nice. Jeff is really really funny and is super smart.

Angelica I am a person that loves to do math, and is really good in gym. I am very flexible and love to do gymnastics in my back yard and try new (weird) tricks. I go to Winchester public school with my sister Lexi. I am also 13 and blond with blue-green eyes and I have my ears pearced but I never wear earings and I don't know why.

Time for food😛😛😛

Mommy Another person in my family is mommy. She is super nice. She is also super pretty. She works as a dental assistant at Dawson dental.


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