My Family

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My Family

Joaquin Sifon

I have a big Family,I have two sisters that lived in Santiago,there names are Valentina and Macarena,I have a brother that the next year it will be going to Santiago,he´s name is Rodrigo and my parents are Andrea Boassi and Rodrigo Sifon, and me Joaquin.

My Family

My Family StrengthsI have a good relationship with my Family, but with my brother sometimes we play but sometimes we fight. With my parents we do jokes and we laugh together. With my sisters when they were in the house, I had a good relationship with Macarena but with Valentina sometimes I have a good relationship but sometimes a bad one.

Household TasksIn my house my father is the one that works out of the house, in Entel. My mother is the one that works in my house and sometimes in the kitchen. My sisters are in Santiago and they go to the University. My brother and me go to the scholl, but next year I will be the only one here, in Viña del Mar with my parents.



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