[2015] Phoebe Georgiades: My Family Reflection

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[2015] Phoebe Georgiades: My Family Reflection

After stabbing another man in a gang fight, Chuco becomes a fugitive. He runs, unarmed, being chased by the police. Without feeling threatened, a policeman shoots Chuco, because his race makes him seem dangerous. Chuco lost his life because of racism.

Maria is illegally deported to Mexico by the U.S. government with a large crowd. As a result, she has to journey back to L.A. and face the hardships of immigration. On the journey, she almost lost her baby, Chuco to the river.

Immigration laws were strict in the late 20th century, and Isabel faces a deportation threat as a Salvadoran refugee. She has no choice but to marry a reluctant Jimmy in order to stay in the U. S. The marriage is hard on Jimmy and his family, for the family believes two people have to love each other before they marry.

Following a long journey, Jose Sanchez befriends a relative, El Californio. Before El Californio dies, he wishes to have a message on his tombstone: "When I was born here, this was Mexico, and where I die, this is still Mexico." His words promote nonviolence by stating that, no matter the brutality that took place in California to win over the land, L.A. will always live peacefully as Mexico in his mind.

At a lower class hospital, Isabel dies giving birth. Jimmy yells at the doctor who claimed that he did everything that he could because, as Pacho narrated, Jimmy knew that if Isabel were a wealthy white woman she may have lived. Racism and classism yet take another life.



My Family and the Critical Concernsof Mercy




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