[2015] Jessie Lin: My Family

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[2015] Jessie Lin: My Family

One critical concern of Mercy I found in this movie is racism. Maira was an American citizen. When she was pregnant with the third child, the immigration officials illegally deported her from the U.S. with a large group of people just because of her race which was Mexican.

Mi Familia is a movie about a Mexican-American Family, the story of the Sanchez family. It starts with Jose meets and marries Maira and later on what happens to them and their children. After watching this movie, I found some critical concerns of Mercy involved in it, such as immigration, nonviolence, racism, and Earth.

Another critical concern of Mercy I found is nonviolence. Toni was an example of this critical concern. In the film, she worked as a social worker. She saved many immigrants from being illegally deported.

The third critical concern of Mercy I found is immigration. In the movie, Isabel was and immigrant and was about to be deported by the police officials. Toni helped her by marrying her to Jimmy so she could stay in the U.S.

The last critical concern of Mercy in the movie is Earth. Jose showed his enthusiasm of his field. From a young man to a middle age man, he spent most of the time working in the field. He really loved growing food and he took good care of his field.



Mi Familia & the critical concerns of Mercy




Another example of racism in the movie was Chucho. Chucho accidentally killed his rival at a party so he was chased by the polices. He was considered dangerous because of his race.


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