My Experiment - States of Matter

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My Experiment - States of Matter

My Experiment Ping Pong Ball Experiment .

*A clear glass jar* Ping-pong ball* Piece of kitchen paper, *Transperant bowl or Basin ( Deeper than the jar ) containing water.

Materials (What I need to complete the experiment?)


I predict that it will float in the jar .

Hypothesis(My prediction)

Will the ping-pong ball float in the jar ?

My Question (What I want to find out?)

Place the paper in the bottom of the jar , Place the ping-pong ball on the surface of the water in the bowl , Turn the jar upside-down , Immerse the jar once again , When it tuches the bottom tilt it a little .

Procedure(What did I do?)

Observations(What happened?)

The paper did not get wet because there was air in it .

My conclusions(What I know now)

The paper did not get wet .

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