My eTwinning students

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My eTwinning students

JULEK. My passion is football. My favourite football player is Leo Messi and my l team is Manchester United. I like also riding a bike and playing computer games.

KACPER i'm interested in parkour.I really like it and riding a bike. I also like playing computer games.

MARTINI like football.I'm in Górnik Boguszów-Gorce football team. My favourite club is Fc Milan.

Ola My favourite subjects are Maths and P.E. I like to watch movies and draw. In my free time, I sing and play the guitar.

My eTwinning students School No.5 in Boguszów-Gorce (Poland)

PIOTRI like books and footbal. I'm interested in volleyball. My big passion is skiing. In my free time I love riding my bike with my dad.

MARTYNAI like drawing and playing football.My favourite footballer is Cristiano Ronaldo. In my free time I cook and read books, especially fantasy books.

KAROL My favourite book is Harry Potter. After school i go to swimming pool. My passion are farming machines. I generally play Garry's Mod.

OLAMy favourite subjects are Maths and P.E. I like to watch movies and draw. In my free time, I sing and play the guitar.

KAMILI 'm interested in foolball.. My favourite subject is P.E. My fovourie footballer is Robert Lewandowski. l. I spend free time with my friends.

Zuzia I like Maths, Music and Art. I am into movies and music. I'm interested in acting. I act in children's theatre-Trele Morele.

AleksanderMy favourite lesson is P.E. and Science. Downhill and mountain biking is my biggest hobby.I'm good at drawing, painting and bike jumping.

MACIEKMy favourite hobby is extreme downhill biking. I also play football.

HANIAMy favourite subject is P.E ,Music and Art. I'm interesed in music and films. I love horrors.

NATANIELI love spending my free time with friendsMy hobby is cycling. In the near future I want to be world champions on cycling

JULIAMy favourite subject is P.E . I'm interested in films. I sing and listen to music.

MARTA My favourite subjects are Maths and Science. I'm into books.

KUBAMy hobby is playing football and computer games.My favourite game is the Paladins and the Rocket league.

OLIWIAMy favourite subject is P.E and Art.I'm interesed in football and music. I listen to diferent singers.In my free time I play football.

MAJAI like danceing. I'm interested in music. My big passion is singing. My favourite subject is Art. In my free times, draw figures from cartoons.

JULIAI love horse riding. In my free time I use my mobile.Welcome Renata Bizoń

TOMEKI love playing football and playing computer games. My hobby is military modeling.

ELIZA I'm bookworm. My favourite subjects are Science and History. In future, I will be a doctor or Science teacher.On holiday, I always go to the mountains with my family.

NIKOLA My favorite lessons in school are Maths and Polish. I am interested in singing and dancing. I have a cat called Misia.

KUBA I'm interested in football. My big passion is playing computer games. My favourite games are Paladins, Fifa 18 and GrandTheAuto 5.



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