My education philosophy and classroom management plan

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My education philosophy and classroom management plan

My PhilosophyMathematics education is defined as the abstract study of topics which include: quantity(Numbers), structure, space, and change. Mathematics is more than a simple subject which is learned at school. Math allows students to effectively communicate, problem solve, and reason. Math is a part of our everyday life and we need it for all we do on a daily basis. Math is needed from the moment we wake up and get to school, until the moment we go to sleep. Mathematics is the core to all we do as individuals, Those who do not like math, and show no appreciation towards it, are those who do not understand what it is all about. As an elementary school teacher, I plan to make math as exciting as possible for all of my students. I will maake sure to incorporate math into all the subjects being taught in class. I will create activities that will implement all of the mathematical standards, and stimulate all of its senses. In my classroom, I will have all of my students create their own process of steps in order to reach the proper solutions. I will treat all of my students with respect and equally. I will inform my students about the rules and regulations the first day of class. Students will be given a rules and regulation contract which must be brought into class signed the next day. My belief of maintaining a controlled classroom comes from the theorist Harry, Wong. He believed it was important to maintaing good classroom behavior, than to change improper behavior after its been established. By stating the rules and regulations, students will get accustomed to following the rules in my math class. I will use procedures, and routines daily in class, and present the directions to all assignments visually, and vocally.I plan to implement the sociocultural theory into my classroom. My students will participate in activities which will include: cognitive, and communicative functions. My students will be engaged, and learn based on the interaction activities being held with other students, and objects in class. The students will be rewarded at the end of the week for their great work/accomplishments. To conclude, I will create a safe learning environment for all of my students. By creating this environment, I believe I as a teacher, will see the difference in my students progress, and will obtain mastery of the curriculum. I will be sure to have a good classroom management paln, and a wonderful year alongside all of my students.

Ms.Niurkas Philosophy of Math and Classroom Management Plan

Resources For StudentsThese interactive sites allows the user to practice basic math skills, play games, and practice different math concepts.Math Is FunEasy-MathFunbrainCoolMathMath Cats

Model With Mathematics

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