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My Dreams

Places:Tour All Of Europe.Austrailia.Galapagos Islands.All 50 States.At Least 30 Countries.At Least 4 Continents.

I'm going to Kansas State to get a Master's in Architecture. I want to study abroad...Maybe in Ireland. I will have an amazing time because I'm only doing this once... better make it good. :P

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In My Dreams...

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Random What-Not...


I want to learn how to play the guitar.I want to make a book of my family's genealogy.I want to write a book.I want to be part of a WGI Color Guard Team. I want to be on T.V. at least twice.I want to go to all of the different Disney Parks, even the ones overseas.

-Get Married.--Have Two Kids.--Go On Yearly Family Vacations.--Live in a Country Setting.--Have a Modern House That Looks Old, but Isn't.--Own My Own Architecture Firm, or Manage One.-


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