My dream vacation

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by Skylerficklin
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My dream vacation

In egypt everyone is focused on the pyrimyds so i am only visiting one and that is the largest, most complex one called Khufu's pyrimad. Egypt is not all pyrimad's and sphinx. There is fun and games in Egypt, I would visit dream park an amazing amusment park with 2 waterparks, lots of normal rides and stores.

There are lights on the eiffel tower that look really cool at night and it is super cool because it took 25 mountain climbers 5 months to install the lights. It is crazy that it took aprox. 24.9 miles of wires.

There are many things to do in the canadian Rockies like hiking, cave exploring, river rafting, and ice fields. There is even a ghost town in Bnaff national park.

Big volcaneo in hawaii that erupts every 3.95 years.While i am there i can visit rainbow falls, and it looks amazing.

The caspian sea is the largest enclosed body of water.I can get good freshly grown food from Babol. I can to gorgan to see the second largest defensive wall ( first is the great wall of china ).

Our first stop


My DreamVacation

Rocky Mountains


Some other photos


Eiffel Tower

Peru has many sights to see including Machu pichu

Caspian Sea



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