My Dream Travel Scrapbook

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by TatumProffitt
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My Dream Travel Scrapbook

If I went to Italy, I would go visit the Roman Colosseum, try some of the pastas and the desserts, and ride through the canals.

I absolutely LOVE the beach, so Hawaii seems like a little heaven on earth. I also think it just seems so sunny, warm, and relaxing. Who would want to miss that?

I would love to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower, just to be able to look out and see literally everything in France

I would like to go see the Red Sea just so I could imagine Moses splitting the water in half and leading the Israelites across on dry land.

Me and Grace Jonson did a project in 4th grade on Greece, and I would love to go there and experience it myself. And, if I went, I would take her with me.

If I was actually able to go on this trip, it would be an opportunity of a lifetime. I've always wanted to explore the world, so this would be my chance.

Our first stop


My Dream Vacation Scrapbook


By: Tatum Proffitt

Red Sea

Eiffel Tower

I would like to go climb the Himalayas, just to be able to see the huge mountains, especially Mt. Everest.

The Himalayas





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