My Dream Travel Report

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by RyanJoesting
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My Dream Travel Report

I've seen so many pictures of it and I've always wanted to see the inside. I would also go on an outback safari and see koala bears and kangoroos!

I will go camping and fishing, all while enjoying the scencery. I will also take a hike through the tops of the mountains. I might even attept to climb one!

I would go to the Kool Runnings water park and stay at a luxurioius 5 star hotel. I would also try a lot of new foods including ackee and saltfish with bammy, roasted avacados, and pumpkin soup with river shrimp.

I will swim in the ocean and lay out on the sand, working on my tan. I will also try some fresh crab and lobster.

I would stay at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Since it is all- inclusive, I would eat a lot of food! I would also snorkle with sharks, zipline 3 miles, and swim with dolphins.

Sydney Oprea House

I would drink tea and stuff myself on English pastries. It would also be fun to learn some Queen's English!

Our first stop


My Dream Travel Report


Some other photos

Rocky Mountains

Punta Cana

Rocky mountains


Saltfish with bammy

Roasted avacado





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