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My Disciplinary Profile

It is important to teach students strategies for reading all diciplines!!

I am interested in the supernatural and so I like to read science fiction novels.I am a college student that is striving to be a teacher and so, I read journal articles and texts related to elementary education. I am a right brain thinker who enjoys creative and hands-on activitites, therefore, I tend not to enjoy reading technical genres that require the reader to analyze and/ or compute. I love learning about the impact individuals had on our country and the world so I enjoy reading biographies.

I love to read. I used to be a ferocious reader but since I have been a student at East Carolina University I no longer have the time to read books of my choosing. I find that my days are filled with infromational texts and readings. What type of student was/am I?As a student, I have always loved Language Arts and Social Studies and the humanities. My stregnths in school have always been reading and writing, and I love art and physical activities as well. I have never enjoyed subjects such as science, and math. Though I am confident in my ability to read texts from these subjects I do not enjoy it and would not and still will not read it if given a choice.

A Quick Overview

Tori's Profile as a Disciplinary Reader

I identify with... and so I read...

Choice reading: I read biographies and science fiction texts. When engaged in choice reading, I do it because it is enjoyable and I can escape from the things that are happening in my own life. It offers me a mental break from the stressers of my day. I can typically read a choice book within 2 or 3 days, becasue once I start, I have to know how it will end. Obligation texts: Currently these include Scholarly articles/journals, text books, NC Common Core Standards, and lesson plans. With the exception of lesson plans, these texts take me a while to read because I read them for understanding and not for enjoyment (I enjoy reading lesson plans). I often will read passages from these texts multiple times to ensure I understand the content.

What do I read and Why?

I prefer reading at home in the evening but as a student the where, when and what I read has dramatically changed. I no longer have time to read choice texts nor can I choose to read at a time that is comfortable for me. I find myself reading in waiting rooms, during my childrens dance rehearsals, and when ever and where ever I can sqeeze in reading time.

Knowing that I enjoy and learn better when activities are creative and hands on, I am sure that my lessons will likely have both of these elements incorporated within them. I also know that all of my students will not enjoy the same things I do nor will they all learn in the same way either. With that said, I love to read science fiction novels and biographies, and I know that I will offer my students the opportunity to explore and read those genres; like me, there will be students who gravitate toward my favorite books, but there will also be students who will prefer other styles of non fiction books and may devour infromational texts and analytical texts. It will be my job to teach students how to affectively read all genres so that they can be successful readers. The need to be confident reading regardless if they are reading choice texts or obligation texts, and also regardless of the discipline from which they are reading. By modeling effective strategies for reading a variety of disciplines and genres, studens will eventually be able to confidently tackle reading these texts on their own.

How will this affect my teaching?

Where and when do I read?

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Citation:Buehl, D. Mentoring Students in Disciplinary Literacy Developing Readers in the Academic Disciplines,1-30.


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