[2016] Zierra Hill: My culture glog by Zierra

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[2016] Zierra Hill: My culture glog by Zierra

Zierra Hill

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I listen to music and watch TV alot. My favorite TV shows are Empire, Love & Hip Hop, Real Husbands of Hollywood, and The Rap Game. I listen mostly listen to Hip Hop or R&B. My favorite artists are Chris Brown and Drake.

My tradions for holidays are either going to my aunt's house or grandma's house. Every other year we will go on a trip for Christmas. For the 4th of July we have a cook out at my cousins house.

TV & Music


The only sport that I play right now is basketball. I either watch basketball or football on TV. My favoirte football team is the Seahawlks. I really don't have a favorite basketball team.

My favorite foods are pizza, burgers, fries, chicken, and nachoes.My favorite places to eat is Poorboys, Fuddruckers, Texas Road House and Famous Daves



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