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My Culture

My family eats the usual ''American'' meal, but our favorite dish is home-made Chicken Enchiladas and Mexican Rice, and of course, don't forget the salsa!

My family celebrates Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Birthdays and more together. It's tradition to gather at my grandparents house on my moms side. We usually have a birthday every month to celebrate, but if there isn't, we gather anyway to just chat and catch up, and you can always count on grandma to make home-made salsa!

My Culture

Parts of my family come from Mexico and Western Europe!

Easter Egg Hunts, Mexican Style!

For about 20 years my grandma has had a cup of warm water with some apple cider vinegar and a drip of honey, this is her remidy for everything that ails you.

My Family on my moms side

In the late 1960's my Grandparents, on my moms side, started taking lessons from the Mormon missionaries and converted! Because of them, my parents and most of her sibling are LDS also, therefore making me a member of the Church!

My family doesn't listen to any special type of music, although we always tell eachother to STOP SINGING!


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