My Cultural Story

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American History

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My Cultural Story

My Cultural Story

With technology came exposure to many different ideas and experiences. God began taking a backseat to the pursuit of pleasure and dominance. People began to question everything.

The dominant culture in the U.S. continued to put their faith in God, strengthening their own culture, even as they were exposed to other cultures through advancements in communication.

My German immigrant ancestors came to America looking for religious freedom. God, country, and family were honored above all else and hard work was expected.

The New World




Family Values

Men on the Moon


As technology advances, "The complexion of the U.S. population is undergoing rapid, dramatic change" (Samovar, Porter, McDaniel, & Roy, 2013, p. 4) Part of this change is occurring in the area of interpersonal communications as people spend excessive time on their computers

"...linking up with others provides a sense of inclusion and affection,"(Samovar, Porter, McDaniel, & Roy, 2013, p. 28) As the channel of communication morphs from verbal to texting, people are more likely to talk via phone, even when sitting right next to one another.


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