My Cultural Collage

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My Cultural Collage

My Cultural Collage

Annetta (LoGuidice) & Joseph Farina

Cairo, Egypt

The coal mines of West Virginia

"Uncle" Patsy's storeWelch, West Virginia

Great-grandma Annetta's svinges

Grandpa "Jack", Grandma Angie, my uncle Tom, and my mother, Lorraine

Long Branch, New Jersey

Tomasso Busacca's speakeasyNewark, New Jersey

Grandpa "Jack", Great Uncle Jimmy, and Great Grandpa Tomasso

Uncle Sal born prematurely weighing 2 lbs. 2 oz1953

Federal Sweets & Biscuit Co.Recipes that became Girl Scout cookies

Salvatore Busacca got his nickname "Jack" while playing piano in his father's speakeasy

Tomasso arrived in the U.S. in 1904. He and his wife had 17 children.

Joseph Farina was a mining engineer who helped irrigate the lands in Egypt before coming to live in the U.S. He died when a slate crushed him in a WV coalmine.

Uncle Patsy married Annetta after she became widowed. He owned a general store in WV.

Lorraine Paperbox Co. and Federal Sweets & Biscuit Co. were lost after Jack's death in 1953 after a "friend" of the family stole the businesses.


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