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My country

Las Vegas is in the desert like state of nevada, so it is hot year around almost always exceeding one hundred degrees F. Las Vegas receives about three to four inches of rain a year, which is the reason for little plant life. Even though is has lack of water, is imports millions of gallons of water to support the cities needs.

Language: EnglishPopulation: 600,000Area: NevadaElevation: 2,030 ft

Las Vegas


Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas' economy is mainly base on tourism as it receives over 37 million people visiting every year. Las Vegas took in a staggering income of $33,700,000,000 from all of the money tourists are spending.The cost of living living in las vegas in a two room apartment is $750 a month.


Las Vegas was founded in May of 1905 by ranchers as a city of enterainment and gambling. As more people started to arive in Las Vegas the residence built Super Casinos that had low cost luxury and the thrill of fantasies forfilled.



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